2020 Dues Price Change

In the past, our club charged $40 for dues. This was sustainable for the many in-person events that we held and was justified to cover the related costs.

This year, we are only charging $30 for dues and there will still be a t-shirt available as a result of paying dues.

Why pay dues?

There are many great reasons to pay dues! Paying dues has the following benefits:

  • You will be an official member of Circle K International!
  • You will be eligible for scholarships!
  • You will receive a club t-shirt!
  • You will be able to run for elected club and district positions!
  • You will help keep our organization running for years to come!

Payment and Deadline

The deadline for paying dues has been extended to November 22, 2020. If there is a financial barrier or any other issues you may have with paying dues, please let us know.

The best way to pay your dues will be via Venmo: @CircleKatOSU