11/13 Meeting and Updates

Thank you for coming to our meeting this week! Please read on for club updates.

New Information:

Meeting Activity:

  • During this week’s meeting, we learned about CKI scholarship opportunities and began to work on our scrapbook!
    • Scholarship information can be found as attachment in the email

Past Week:

  • Thank you to those who volunteered with meals on wheels this week!

Upcoming Events:

  • Blaze Fundraiser on 11/14 from 4-8 PM
    • Flyer in email & on Instagram
  • University Kiwanis City Barbeque Fundraiser on 11/16
    • Flyer in email
  • Produce Drop on 11/17 from 2-5PM
  • Girl Scouts Glow Party on 11/19 from 4:30-9:30 PM
  • Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser (11/23/22-11/27-22)
  • Wagons HoHoHo on 12/3 from 11:30AM-2:30PM
  • Please fill out form in email by Tuesday at 5PM (even if you cannot attend the events)

Next Week:

  • 6-7pm on Sunday, Nov 20
  • Barbie Tootle Room

Past Information

    • Dues:
      • $55 if paid by Nov 1
      • $60 if paid Nov 1-Dec 1
      • Venmo: @CircleKatOSU
      • Fill out form in email after paying
    • Commitment:
      • Weekly meetings
      • Monthly service projects and socials
    • Member benefits:
      • Scholarships
      • T-shirt & Water Bottle 
      • Kiwanis dinners
      • Leadership Opportunities

Apply to be a Committee Chair!

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OSU Circle K

OSU Circle K

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