10/16 Updates

Happy CKI week, please read on for club updates!

CKI Week (starting 10/17)

  • M: #ChooseCKI
    • Show everyone why you #ChooseCKI
    • Wear CKI gear & post pic in GC
  • T: CKI Around the World
  • W: Lead with Love
    • Connect with Kiwanians at the Kiwanis Board Meeting on Zoom at 7 PM
      • Zoom link available in email
  • R: Find your Family
    • Support our local community at the Tuttle Park Produce Drop (2-5 PM)
  • F: Random Acts of Kindness
    • Circle K is all about making the world a better place. Come volunteer at the Tuttle Park Halloween Party at 5:30 PM!
  • S: Do Something Day
    • Here at OSU, we put football first, so we’ll push doing something to Sunday!
    • Come to our weekly Sunday meeting in the Union at 6 PM, and then join us in flyering for ToT for UNICEF at 7 PM!

Tuttle Park Halloween Party (10/21, 5:30-9 PM)

  • Timeframe: 
    • Feel free to stay for just part of the time!
    • Arrive at 5:30 PM 
    • The party is from 6 to 8pm.
    • S’ more pit and clean-up 8 to 9pm
  • What we will help with:
    • Running carnival games
    • Serving food
    • Haunted House
  • Volunteers can wear costumes if they would like, and there will be a box of masks, crowns, swords, etc. There will be a spread of food for the Public and then the Volunteers and staff have their own Spread of food in the Multiroom (specialty food made with love).
  • Please call or text Tish (contact info available in email) if you have any questions or to confirm you will attend and what you would like to do at the party.

Past Events:

  • Thank you to those who volunteered at the LSS Shelter Donation Center and attended the Kiwanis walk-in-the-shoe tour!

Upcoming Events 

  • Produce Drop on Oct 20 from 2-5 PM 
  • Tuttle Park Halloween Party (10/21, 5:30-9 PM)
  • ToT-4-UNICEF Flyering on Oct 23 after meeting (7 PM)
  • CKI Lemonade Fundraiser on October 28 
  • ToT-4-UNICEF on Oct 31 at 6-8 PM
  • Girl Scouts Glow Party on 11/19 from 5-9 PM
  • Please fill out form in email

Apply to be a Committee Chair!

  • Chair position application is available here
  • Positions available:
    • Historian
    • Events
    • Service Chair

Next Meeting 

  • 6-7 pm on Sunday, October 30
  • Barbie Tootle Room
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