Mid-August Updates

Welcome back! Please read on for club updates.

  1. Upcoming Events
    1. Welcome Week events
      1. Involvement Fair (MOVED TO Sunday, August 28th)
        1. While signups for this opportunity may be closed, be sure to come swing by our CKI booth at the involvement fair and show off your CKI pride! We want to thank everyone who has signed up to help work the involvement fair and will be reaching out to you all here soon to confirm your time slots.
      2. Positive Chalking Event with the Disney Club & The Happiness Campaign
        1. Autumn semester is starting soon! We want to welcome students new and old to campus with some positive messages! The Disney Club & The Happiness Campaign will be joining us for this fantastic event!
        2. Monday, August 22nd @ 6 pm Ohio Union Senate Chamber
      3. Club Bowling Night 
        1. Come out and enjoy a night of unlimited free bowling with us at HPL Bowling Center to celebrate getting through the first day of classes!
        2. Tuesday, August 23rd @ 8 pm HPL Bowling Center
        3. Depart Ohio Union turnaround at 7:45 pm
      4. Community Commitment
        1. Partnering with PayItForward, join us as we get ready to go out and serve in the greater Columbus community!
        2. Saturday, August 27th @ 8:30 am
        3. Meet at 8:15 in the Ohio Union by the Brutus Statue
      5. Open House Meeting
        1. What better day than the first day that we are back in person for our CKI meeting? We want to see all of your shining and beautiful faces on Sunday to see our old friends and welcome new members into our club!
        2. Sunday, August 28th @ 6:30 pm in the Ohio Union (Barbie Tootle Room)
      6. YMCA Community Dinner Prep
        1. No child, adult, or family should ever go home hungry and CKI is here to help. Partnering with the YMCA, we will be helping prepare dinner for those that do not have the means to do so and directly changing the lives of those in our community.
        2. Wednesday, August 31st @ 5-8 pm
          1. 65 South 4th Street Columbus, OH 43215
        3. Depart Ohio Union at 4:45 pm
      7. Paint Like Bob Ross
        1. Sometimes we all need a few happy little clouds in our lives and what better way to do that than with some bob ross painting! With no mistakes, just happy accidents, this event is fun for people of all skill levels!
        2. Thursday, September 1st @ 5 pm in the Ohio Union (Ohio Staters, Inc. Founders Room)
    2. All our sign-ups are in this form, so please be sure to fill it out by midnight on Monday, August 22 (even if you cannot attend the events)
      1. https://forms.office.com/r/KAipPtxzRY
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