August Updates

  1. Info/Updates
    1. International Club Awards: Our club won two awards!
      1. 3rd place for Signature Project (Service Extravaganza) and Outstanding Single Service (TTM)
  2. Upcoming Events
    1. All our sign-ups are linked in the form in your email, so please be sure to fill it out by midnight on Wednesday, August 3 (even if you cannot attend the events)
    1. You can attend a soccer game with Kiwanis!
      1. Columbus Crew vs. CF Montreal
      2. August 3, 2022 at 7:30 PM
      3. Tickets are $15
    2. Service opportunity 
      1. Help with move-in!
      2. Monday, August 15 through Saturday, August 20
      3. Sign up is linked in email!
    3. Involvement Fair on Sunday, August 21 from 4-7 PM
      1. Volunteer at our booth on the Oval
        1. Don’t feel like you need to stay the whole time, even an hour is great!
    4. Fall Student Involvement Fair Paid Org Support on Sunday, August 21
      1. Set up: Estimated 9:30 AM-12 PM. Activities include placement of items such as tables and table covers. 
      2. Tear down: Estimated 7-9:30 PM. Activities include clean up of the grounds and disassembling of items such as tables.
    5. Open House meeting at 6 PM on Sunday, August 28
      1. Ohio Union, Barbie Tootle Room (3rd floor, NW corner of Union)
    6. Kiwanis Board meeting on August 31
      1. Zoom link:
      2. Meeting ID: 833 2050 2373
      3. Passcode: 164079
    7. YWCA Dinner Prep on August 31 from 5-8 PM
      1. 65 South 4th Street Columbus, OH 43215
  3. Past Events
    1. Thank you to everyone who attended the Free Rice meeting, Pelotonia social, club retreat, International Convention, and Kiwanis meeting!
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OSU Circle K

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