Meeting Recap April 3, 2022

Thank you for coming to our meeting this week! Please read on for club updates.

New Information:


  • Congratulations to March Member of the Month Jack!
    • Honorable Mention: Brad

Meeting Activity:

  • This week was a service meeting, during which we prepped science outreach materials for Girl Scouts.

Past Week:

  • Thank you to everyone who attended the club retreat and helped at Meals on Wheels!

Upcoming Events:

  • All our sign-ups for this week are in the form in your email, so please be sure to fill it out by Wednesday, April 6 (even if you cannot attend the events)
    • Don’t worry about how to get to these events! You can indicate whether or not you need a ride in the sign-up form.
  • Recognition Dinner from 5-7 PM on Sunday, April 10
    • Longaberger Alumni House
    • Must RSVP in order to attend
    • Let Vivian (Corey.72) know if you have dietary restrictions
  • Spring Forward Concert: April 7-9
    • Sullivant Hall
  • Produce Distribution: 9 AM-12:30 PM on Saturday, April 9
    • 1640 Sandalwood Place
  • Meals on Wheels: 10:30 AM – 1 PM on Sunday, April 10th
  • 2022-2023 Committee Chairs
    • Due by April 30, 2022
    • Application linked in the form in your email
    • Contact Austin (Underwood.291) with any questions

Next Week:

  • Recognition Dinner
    • 5-7 PM on Sunday, April 10th
    • Longaberger Alumni House

Past Information:

  • We talked about the Vizer app earlier this year. You can donate a meal for every 10,000 steps you take in a day!
  • Red Cross Individual Volunteer:
  • Please see the events page of our website for the schedule of events for the spring: 
  • Together as Buckeyes Grant: If you need any financial assistance due to a hardship from COVID-19, please see the following grant information here.
  • Please fill out a contact form if you are interested in receiving club information.
  • Does anyone still need a club t-shirt that paid dues?
    • If you are a dues paid member that has yet to get a club t-shirt, please email Yu Ning (Shiu.15) with your full name and shirt size

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