Meeting Recap January 16, 2022

Thank you for coming to our meeting this week! Please read on for club updates.

New Information:


  • Scholarships: Due Feb 1
    • For all listed, you must be a dues-paid member
    • OSU Circle K Alumni Society Scholarship
      • Contact Yu Ning Shiu.15 for club stats
      • Info:
    • Circle K International Scholarships
      • Needs a letter of recommendation
      • Info:
  • Scholarships: Due Feb 18
    • For all listed, you must be a dues-paid member
    • District
      • $500 or $1000 scholarships
      • More info here
      • Requirements:
        • Application form
        • 1 letter of recommendation (Kiwanis advisor, Faculty advisor, professor)
        • 1 letter of recommendation from a fellow Circle K member
        • Essay
        • Official documents
  • Job Opportunities
    • Kiwanis social media intern (apply by Jan 31)
      • Spring, ends by May 31
      • $500 scholarship compensation
      • More info here
    • Kiwanis archives intern (apply by Jan 31)
      • Spring, ends by May 31
      • $500 scholarship compensation
      • More info here
    • Tuttle Park Rec Center Staff
      • Contact Tish with questions
        • Contact info in email
      • Help at Tuttle:
        • Tues 12-4 PM
        • Wed 12-8 PM anytime
        • Thurs 4-8 PM
        • Fri 4-8:30 PM
        • Sat 10 AM-5 PM anytime
  • Elections
    • Nominations: Sunday, February 20 and Sunday, February 27
    • Elections: 6 PM on Sunday, March 6
    • Positions (you must be a dues paid member):
      • President
      • Vice President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Bulletin Editor
  • There has been a resignation on the board. We no longer have a treasurer and will be sharing the responsibilities amongst the current board.
    • From Rithvik: “As I am applying for PhD positions across the country, I will have to travel quite a bit this semester to attend in-person interviews and this will create conflicts and won’t give me any free time to attend meetings or events. Since, I will not be able to uphold the standards you set for the board members this semester I also believe it will be a good time for me to leave the position of Treasurer.”

Meeting Activity:

  • In this week’s meeting, we were updated about the opportunity to visit Disney in 2023. Based on member feedback, we are looking to go to Disneyland in conjunction with CKI International Convention over the summer of 2023.
  • We also learned about some job opportunities and discussed our upcoming executive board elections. More details are included in the info/updates section above.

Past Week:

  • Thank you to everyone who attended the Kiwanis meeting, Meals on Wheels, and the Special Olympics swim event.

Upcoming Events:

  • All our sign-ups for this week are in the form in the email, so please be sure to fill it out by Wednesday, January 19 (even if you cannot attend the events)
    • Don’t worry about how to get to these events! You can indicate whether or not you need a ride in the sign-up form.
  • Kiwanis meeting at 7 PM on Wednesday, January 19 on Zoom
    • Zoom link in email
  • MLK Day of Service: January 20-21
    • Contactless blanket pickup Thursday-Friday this week
  • Special Olympics Basketball from 9 AM-12:30 PM on Saturday, January 22
    • Hilliard Weaver MS
  • NSI Food Pantry Assistant
    • Visit their website to sign-up individually (you will need to drive yourself)
  • Spring Involvement Fair is online from January 17-31
  • Dinner for 12 Buckeyes on Zoom from 6-7 PM on Monday, February 7
  • Cupid’s Workshop at 1 PM on Saturday, February 12 at Tuttle Park
  • Service Extravaganza from 10 AM-2 PM on Sunday, March 6
  • District Convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on March 19-20
    • Estimated cost without assistance from the club/district is $125
  • Recognition Dinner from 5-7 PM on Sunday, April 10

Next Week:

  • Need 4×6 index cards and coloring utensils!
  • 6 PM on Sunday, January 23
  • Zoom:

Past Information:

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