Meeting Recap April 11, 2021

Thank you for coming this week! Please read on for several club updates.

New Information:

Meeting Activity

  • Constitution Approval: We went through the big changes of the Constitution during this meeting and have it linked here. Feel free to look over the changes here and contact Vivian (corey.72) with feedback before noon on Tuesday (4/13/21)
  • Spring Into Service: This is a weeklong sustainability event from OSU Student Activities. During the meeting, we made a Jamboard with long and short-term goals to help the environment. Do more to win prizes!
  • Shower Songs: We use a lot of water when showering so during this meeting, we made 5 minute shower playlists to shorten our shower time. Learn more about this here 

Past Week:

  • This past week was Easter so there was no meeting.

Upcoming Events:

  • You will be contacted by an officer soon about picking up end of the year treat bags from the University Kiwanis.
  • If you haven’t gotten your club shirt and/or mask yet, contact Vivian (corey.72) with your shirt size.
  • Kiwanis Meeting: Join University Kiwanis for a Zoom social at 7pm on Wednesday, April 14
    • Zoom link
    • ID: 833 2050 2373
    • Password: 164079
  • Dog Toy Social/Service: Come make dog toys and relax with us!
    • 9-10 AM on Saturday, April 17 at the Union
    • Sign up via the form sent in your email
  • Recognition Event with Circle K Alumni Society: Our final club meeting will be a celebration with the Circle K Alumni Society at 6pm on Sunday, April 18. We would love to celebrate a wonderful year with you!
    • They are currently deciding on scholarship recipients and will announce the winners at this event. This is also the official transition of officers, and there will be a special speaker. 
    • Please try to stay the whole time for the guest speaker and presentation of scholarships.
  • Chalking before finals: We will walk around campus to chalk the sidewalks with positive messages 🙂
    • 10-11:30 AM on Saturday, April 24
    • Meet at Union
    • Sign up via the form sent in your email
  • We got the Member Development Grant!
    • Some of the money will go to buying the Dare to Lead books
    • The remainder of the grant will go to sponsoring members to attend the Education and Leadership Conference
      • Do not register yet! We will hear from the University about how we should register to optimize reimbursement of the registration fee, so stay tuned!
  • Chair Positions
    • More info is available on the form sent in your email
    • Apply by August 30, 2021
    • Contact Matthew (ayers.243) with questions
  • Register for BuckeyeThon to create awareness and raise funds for children with cancer.
    • The registration fee is $25
    • Join a team at
      • CKI doesn’t have a team but there are more general teams you can join. There will be tables around campus about BuckeyeThon this week! 

Next Week:

  • Final Meeting!
  • Recognition Meeting with Circle K Alumni Society
  • 6-8pm on Sunday, April 18
  • Zoom link: 

Past Information:

  • ELEVATE Leadership Program: This is a virtual program through OSU for August-November 2021. You will need to spend about 5 hours per week on the program, and you will be paid $100 for completion of the program. Register and find more information here.
  • Girl Scouts Virtual Volunteer: If you would like to volunteer virtually for local Girl Scout training workshops, please sign up please sign via the link sent in your email. The current opportunities are for mid-April and early May.
  • Kickball with Kiwanis: If you are interested in joining the Kiwanis kickball team this summer, please sign up via the link in your email by Friday, April 2. The season starts on Sunday, April 11 and runs for 8 weeks with games after 4pm on Sundays. The cost will be about $35.
  • Together as Buckeyes Grant: If you need any financial assistance due to a hardship from COVID-19, please see the following grant information here.
  • District Board Positions: If you are interested in elevating your leadership as part of the District Board, please look into their open positions listed here.
  • Please fill out a contact form if you are interested in receiving club information.
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