Meeting Recap November 29, 2020

Hello everyone!

Thank you for coming to our meeting this week. Here are our club updates:

New Information:

Past Events:

  • Thank you to those that attended Chimp and See 3. We also hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

Meeting Activity: Leadership

  • We learned about the importance of using land acknowledgments. Find more from OSU here.
  • We also played a Kahoot about interviewing. You can play it here.
  • As a group, we brainstormed good questions to ask at the end of an interview. Here are some examples:
    • Where do you think the company is going? How does your interviewer think you did? When will I hear back from you? How has your experience been at this company?
  • If you would like further resources for professional development, you can visit Career Counseling and Support Services here. You can also look into more services offered by your specific college.

Upcoming Events:

  • Kiwanis Meeting: There is no meeting this week.
  • Children’s Hunger Alliance: They want us to count the number of children that signed attendance sheets at their events. Basically, we will give you attendance sheets to count and you can complete them on your own time and we will count them for hours. It should be a great event for some downtime during finals week or something of that nature. If you are interested in getting another Circle K event in by the end of the year, the sign-up sheet is here, and we will contact you shortly with more information. 
  • Circle K Alumni Society Scholarship: Please see this form for details about this scholarship opportunity. You must be a current dues-paid member to apply. The deadline for this scholarship is February 1, 2021. Contact Vivian Corey.72 if you need to know your service hours and meeting attendance. Contact Lanton for specific scholarship details (his information is on the form).

Next Meeting:

Past Information:  

  • CKI Masks: 
    Fill out this form so we can send you a Circle K mask.  

If you’d like to send interested members our way, please have them fill out a contact form:
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Yours in service,

Your Circle K Officers

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